For companies and individuals, 3D printing is particularly effective where traditional manufacturing methods prove to be poorly performing, with 3D printing an object can be made from the moment where it is imagined with a freedom of design and quantity.

Our 3D printing service prevents you from investing a huge amount of money for the acquisition of equipment that you are not sure to make a profit on.

Applications of 3D printing: Production of functional parts, production in small series, quick prototyping, customization, production of spare parts for household appliances, multi-material models, advertising products.


Consumers who may be interested in 3D printing: Architects, artists, students, teachers, engineers, laboratories, marketers, museums, etc.

Note: Students, University students, and teachers can benefit from preferential price (15% discount) on presentation of their card.

Additional services: Finishing, painting, silicone molding, resin production

Materials available: PLA, special PLA (Bronze, wood, etc.), ABS, PET.

To get a quote please send us your request with your files to STL or OBJ format.

Your orders can be withdrawn in our shop or shipped by a carrier for an additional fee.

Note: The manufacturing time varies according to the complexity of the model, the quantities and finishing requested, usually it is 4 working days.

3D ATENCOM printing, high quality service assured

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