Atencom’s key to success is the commitment to the customers. We strictly follow the regulations to protect the personal information privacy of individuals and companies we work with. 

Information We Collect

We only collect information for a visitor on the website directly whenever it is practicable and reasonable. 

The information we collect is needed for providing quality services to you and it helps us to maintain a client’s contact details

The information which is normally held in our system includes you’re the details of the products and services we provide and your contact details.

We do not prefer to collect any sensitive information about a client unless needed by applicable rules and laws of Europe and the Czech Republic. Sensitive information is referred to as the following:

  • religious or political beliefs

  • sexual preferences

  • race

  • health information

  • criminal convictions


Using the Information

The disclosed personal information about the clients is only used for the purpose for which it was given to us or related purposes that may be required without your permission.

We do not forward or sell any personal information to any individual or institution. 

Keeping information secure and accurate

We use strong measures to ensure that accurate information is kept in our system. We are using the latest technology and security procedures for protecting the information we take from you. The information is limited to prevent unlawful disclosure or misuse of the information. 

If support information is provided by any other entity, we bound them to safeguard the privacy of information in the most accurate manner. 


You are advised to contact us if you have any queries regarding our handling of information or privacy policy. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or handling of information, please contact us.