We advise you to carefully go through the content of our terms and conditions before choosing our products and services.  




The term “turnaround time” is used on the website to describe the completion of a single part of a project. It does not specify the complete cycle from the beginning to the end. 




The money-back-guarantee is not applicable when the provided service complies with the initial instructions provided by you. 



The refund policy of Atencom is limited to services only. Please read carefully about the scenarios where the policy becomes void.


The refund will be void if:

  • Design being changed after initial approval

  • The design was approved by your end

  • The design for 3D printing has been printed

  • Revisions are delivered to you by following the comments provided

  • Cancellations due to Non-project reasons

  • You fail to communicate with us within 2 weeks

  • Violation of our policy 

  • The brief you provided lacks essential information

  • Demand for complete design change

  • The claim is requested after the timeline 

  • Change in brand or business name

  • Other reasons may include both are not limited to disagreement with other partners, change of mind

  • The cancellations of orders are prior to a 33% cancellation administrative fee.

Note: We have the authority to reject or cancel a project offered by you. In case of a refund, we will have the sole property right over the designs made for you and you automatically lost the right to use the designs for any particular purpose. 

In order to proceed with a refund, we will need to conduct a detailed evaluation of the initial instructions provided and the work delivered to you by our end. The final decision is dependent upon the circumstances; we may decide to make a complete or partial refund or reject it completely. 





Once we confirm your refund, it becomes your responsibility to claim your refund by using the following option:

  1. Initiating the process of refund over the website

  2. Getting in touch with one of our customer representatives.

  3. Initiating a refund by sending us an email.

  4. Requesting our customer support staff to get in touch with you.

  5. We will get back to you within 72 hours after a refund request is initiated.




Once you approve the final design, we will send you the final file only after 100% of the payment is made. You will own 100% rights for paid design work. 





You have complete trademarks and copyrights for the design provided. However, you will need to get the trademark and copyright by the authorized body as we do not provide copyrights and trademarks services. We ensure that the design is unique and gets approved once you file for it by the third-party service provider. 



Our systems keep a record of crafted designs. However, we are not responsible to resubmit if you lose them because of any potential reason. 





We reserve the right to modify or change prices for any particular services being offered on the website without giving prior notice. However, the modification or changes will be updated on the website on each product/service section. By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to pay as per the prices mentioned on our website. 




We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions and services being offered on our website at any particular time without giving prior notice. 




The payment methods on our website are provided by partners with third-party services who will require your personal information for completing the process of payment. Our partners adhere to maintain high standards as per the EU laws to ensure payment security. You’re advised to carefully read the terms and conditions of our partners’ website while making the payments to avoid any future problems.